The Big Cycling Debate: Can we make it safe for our children to cycle to school?

Date: Saturday 28th May Time: 7pm to 9pm Venue: Westerton Hall

By not providing them with a safe environment for cycling, we risk preventing our children from having the same independence we enjoyed in our youth. Does this mean we are failing the next generation? If so, how do we fix this?

If you think your children should be able to travel independently and safely in the community, then this event is right up your street.

Over 30% of children in the UK want to cycle to school. In other EU countries, as many as 50% of children actually acheive this. Why is it then, that in Bearsden and Milngavie, just 2% of children are cycling to school?

This just isn’t good enough. How do we build a cycle culture for our children, ensuring that they’re fit, healthy and safe, when cars and other traffic are precedent on the roads? What’s stopping children from getting on their bike? Whose fault is it? Why is this important? Why are parents scared to let their children cycle? Is a culture of cycling something people in certain societies are just born with, or is it the result of a deliberate effort?

The Panel

Bruce Whyte (CHAIR), Public Health Programme Manager, Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Rachel Aldred, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

Gregory Chauvet, Managing Director, The Bike Station

Donald McDonald, Schools Cycling Officer for East Dunbartonshire, Sustrans

Join our panel of experts to understand more about the impact of our failure to let children travel independently and develop a community call to action for decision-makers and ordinary people to rally round. This is your chance to help develop a better, safer community for your children.

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